At PHARAOH we appreciate transparency and knowing about even the smallest details that go on behind the scenes. We understand that we are not the only ones like this, for this reason we have decided to include a step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of the production of each item created by PHARAOH.

Our Design Process is as follows:

  • Our Creative Director decides on a theme for a new collection and a mood board is created.
  • Items that fit into the season are then selected according to their appropriateness.
  • Materials are then sourced with no stone left unturned, making sure we are using the best quality possible.
  • Designs like screen print, embroidery, tailoring and so on are then decided upon and created by the design team.
  • Once all team members are happy with the design of an item, physical samples are created.
  • The samples are then worn and tested by members of the team to see how we feel about: design, sizing, fit, feel, material, longevity, style and how ‘PHARAOH’ the item is in general.
  • If we are happy with the item, a digital image of it is sent to one of our environmentally friendly manufacturers. Along with details of the materials we would like to use and they will tell us yes or no to whether they can make the product.
  • If the answer is yes we will the proceed with production, however, if we are told no we will make revisions to the item, still ensuring it is of ‘PHARAOH’ standard.
  • We then receive the items from our manufacturer and test them as we would a first sample.
  • Once the item is approved by all members of our team we then offer the product for sale.
  • (You then purchase the item, receive it in record timing and feel the best you’ve felt since your first kiss.)