Protecting Your Energy

We might find that in the presence of some people or in certain environments it feels like our energy is literally being drained. As if every minute that passes reduces our levels of positivity and even productivity. Why is this? For a while I didn't really understand this myself but as time goes by this phenomenon begins to make more and more sense. 

Science has actually confirmed that every human being has a 'Human Energy Field' around them, which can otherwise be described as an 'Aura'. So when you meet a new person and there's just something 'off' about them, even though they might say and do nice things, it's probably because there's some negativity in their energy field. Have you ever walked into a room where it's clear that people were speaking about you even though you didn't actually hear them? Or walked into a room where people have been arguing and although they try to conceal it, you can physically feel the tension? This is not by chance, this is because of their energies. 

Now I understand that it does sound a bit hocus pocus, especially if it's not something that you have tried to pay attention to in the past. However, as we develop and move into the higher levels and stages of life we must also develop a level of consciousness towards the things that don't bring out the best in us. And even worse, in some cases actually drain us of the energy necessary to continue developing. Below I will list some of the characteristics of energy drainers, if you see something that you're guilty of don't be upset, be grateful that you're now aware of something that needs to be changed: 

  • Constantly complaining about things that they could change if they gave it a bit of effort. Also complaining about things that they can't change which makes it pointless. 
  • Lack of energy and vitality towards life. They just can't be bothered to do anything that requires even the smallest amount of effort. This also includes things that could improve their situation. 
  • Always judging and speaking about others. This ones a dangerous habit because it's normally done to avoid addressing their own problems. Energy Drainers love to know where other people are messing up and making it known to others in an attempt to conceal their own shortcomings.  
  • They have no optimism towards the future and would rather dwell in the past. Tomorrow always brings endless opportunities, energy drainers don't see it like that. Instead of being positive and hopeful about what's to come, they'd rather sit and mope about the struggles they've faced in the past. 
  • They make themselves the victim of every situation. They tend to carry around a 'woe is me' attitude towards everything in life, even if it doesn't directly effect them, they still want other to feel sorry for them. 

So it's one thing to be conscious of an 'energy vampire' (as they are sometimes called) and it's a whole other thing to avoid them effectively whilst still acting with grace and love. Below are 5 strategies that I've used to help me protect my energy:

  1. Be Selective With Where You Go And Who You Go With

    Just like it's a lot easier for an alcoholic to avoid drinking if theres no alcohol available to them, is the same way that the absolute easiest way to protect your energy is to just completely avoid negativity altogether. By not being around people you know are quite negative or going to places where you know collectively the energy is negative, you will set yourself up for a much easier time. However, this does not mean to judge people and say that they're not worthy of being around you, nor is it to avoid your responsibility of shedding light to others; Instead it's a case of self love and the necessary solitude for inner progress. 

  2. Avoid Harbouring Any Negative Feelings Or Emotions

    We can actually become the biggest drainers of our own energy when we don't take the time to completely flush out all negativity. This might be one of the hardest things to do but it's also the most beneficial for long term growth. If someone has done something to offend you, unintentionally or even intentionally, by holding onto bad feelings of anger, hate, bitterness and whatever else, we actually do more harm to ourselves than to them. We're the ones walking around with the emotional baggage, not them. If you must, address the problem with them, in a non-confrontational way just to make it known that you're not happy about something but the most important thing is to Let Go. Keep your eyes on the prize, realise that whatever they did to you doesn't define you as a person or where your life is headed.

  3. Think Positively 

    Not only is it important to avoid all negativity but we must fill that space with positivity. It's very hard to be angry whilst you're appreciating the beauties of life. By keeping our mind on positive things we actually emit a positive energy, 
    stopping us from becoming energy drainers and instead becoming one of those rare people who have that indescribable power to be a breath of fresh air to those that they come into contact with. 

  4. Be Conscious & Aware Of The Information That You're Taking In

    In this age of technology and data it's extremely easy to mindlessly watch a show on Netflix or scroll through a Timeline on a social media platform. Hours can pass by with us doing it and although consciously we don't remember all of the things we just saw, our subconscious mind remembers all of it. Not only that, but it uses the information almost as a compass for direction in our own lives. I've had moments in my life where my experiences have actually mirrored an event that has taken place in a series or movie I was watching. As I move away from believing that anything is coincidence, I can't help but think that my actions had an influence on that experience. If we try to actively take in information that will help us to grow and to develop it's almost impossible that these same things won't show up in our lives. 

  5. Take The Time To Reflect

    The only way to realise if we're having our energies drained or if we are in fact draining energy, is to take the time to think about what's happening around and within ourselves. For this one, I recommend journaling. It's a great way to recap on your experiences so you're not just living mindlessly, instead mindfully. It also gives your life a new sense of meaning because you're now documenting all of your experiences. For reflecting, it's great because you're forced to think about what is actually happening and to give it some type of meaning, to form an opinion on it and actually decide whether it's something that you like or don't like instead of just putting up with it. 

Protecting Your Energy goes so much further than what we've discussed here, however this is a practical guide to get you started and to see some great results. From now on, really pay attention to how you feel in certain situations and you will begin to see what your energy takes a liking to and also the circumstances it would rather avoid. 


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